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  • Selections of Tafsir - Imam Zaid Shakir

    1 season

    A selection of tafsir from Surat al-Fatihah and other chapters of the Quran. Taught by Imam Zaid Shakir.

  • The Ocean of "The Opening" - Imam Zaid Shakir

    1 season

    At least seventeen times a day, practicing Muslims recite Surat al-Fatihah, the most recited passage of the Qur’an. In this course, Imam Zaid Shakir will explore the ocean of meanings embedded in “the mother of the book” as a means to exploring the endless wisdom of the Qur’an. Drawing from vario...

  • The Character of the Prophet ﷺ - Imam Zaid Shakir

    1 season

    This class will examine aspects of the character, mercy, morals and worship of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), based on the inspiring book of Shaykh Abdullah Sirajuddin, may Allah have mercy on him. In addition to examining these aspects of the Prophet’s mission, message a...

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