Rihla 2017

  • Shafii Fiqh
    1 season

    Shafii Fiqh

    1 season

    This course will cover the legal methods and regulations surrounding the most essential devotions of Islam: the daily prayer and
    fasting. It will cover multiple and detailed aspects including the methods of preparation for prayer,
    the requirements for valid prayer, prayer while travelling, what...

  • Spiritual Cultivation

    1 season

    Based on the last section of The Helping Guide of Imam Abdal-Wahid ibn ‘Ashir, this course will
    provide students with an introduction to the discipline of ihsan, the third dimension of the religion
    in the well-known hadith of Jibrīl e. Students will learn fundamental concepts of spiritual

  • The Contentions - Rihla 2017

    1 season

    Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad explores his 17th set of Contentions.WIth emphasis of the human relationship with nature and human nature. #1 "If you open the door to a small vice, a large one may enter before you close it." The Contention explains the relationship that is ibadaa (worship) and the relat...

  • Connecting with Allah

    1 season

    Ustadha Saara Sabbagh teaches through heartfelt stories on how to get closer to Allah through the heart. This course, a natural compliment to a program such as the Rihla, will provide students with
    guidelines on how to observe proper etiquette towards both sacred knowledge and the possessors

  • Love of Allah - Shaykh Amin Kholwadia

    1 season

    The love of Allah and His Messenger is an integral part of our faith and deen. These two
    forms of love give birth to love for the deen; for the Sahabah; the ummah and for the people of
    knowledge. This course will elaborate on all six of these and explain, from primary sources, why
    they must ma...

  • The Path to Virtue - Islamic Ethics

    1 season

    The Path to Virtue {l-Dharī'a ila makarim al-Sharī'a) is an introduction to the ethical philosophy
    of Islam. A seminal work on Islamic ethics, it discusses various topics including moral character,
    the states of the human being, how to change character, the faculties of man, and much more.

  • Hanafi Fiqh of Prayer & Fasting

    1 season

    Shaykh Amin Kholwadia teaches the legal rulings of water, prayer with definitions and detail.

  • Islamic Theology - Ustadh Omar Qureshi

    3 seasons

    This course will cover three main areas of Islamic creed: the attributes of Allah, the nature of the Prophets, and transmitted revelatory knowledge from the unseen. Students will learn about what attributes that are necessary to, conceivable of, and inconsistent with divinity; what the Muslim und...

  • The Fitra - Dr. Umar Faruq AbdAllah

    1 season

    Dr. Umar carefully explains the definition of "fitra". The fitra is made of good. Detailed explanation of the hadith regarding fitra, "Every child born, is born on the fitra". Discussion of outside influences of fitra (human nature).

  • The Shamā’il of Tirmidhi - Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy

    1 season

    The Shamā’il of Imam al-Tirmidhī is a treasured collection of almost four hundred hadiths detailing the various characteristics of the blessed Prophet Muhammad. The chapters include details on the Prophet’s physical appearance, his clothing, his manners of daily living including his blessed speec...