Islamic Theology - Ustadh Omar Qureshi

Islamic Theology - Ustadh Omar Qureshi

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This course will cover three main areas of Islamic creed: the attributes of Allah, the nature of the Prophets, and transmitted revelatory knowledge from the unseen. Students will learn about what attributes that are necessary to, conceivable of, and inconsistent with divinity; what the Muslim understanding of Prophets and prophecy are; and what revelation says about the end days, the Last Day, the Afterlife, and more. This course will also provide students with a proper understanding of the scholarly understanding of decree (qadr), what renders one inside the fold of Islam, why tragedy and pain exist in the world, and other relevant theological questions.

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Islamic Theology - Ustadh Omar Qureshi
  • R13-Theology 01

    Episode 1

    Islamic Theology
    Session 01
    Ustadh Omar Qureshi
    Konya, Turkey
    Rihla 2013